A Springtime in Paris Wedding - part one

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Our Paris Cake Our Paris Cake by Sucre Coeur

As today is my Wedding anniversary, it got me thinking back to the big day itself and I thought I would share a few memories with you, and of course, the all important stationery! It's a question I'm often asked when working with brides to create their custom stationery, 'What was your invitation like?'. Designing my own wedding invitation was very difficult and something I put off for as long as possible, but in the end as often happens when you're designing something, the end result happens after a backwards process! In my case, it was ignored until it couldn't be ignored any more (and also because I was very busy making stationery for other people's weddings!)....

The final design came about after almost everything else for the Wedding had been decided, and was influenced by our amazing cake. Our wedding details were based on things we loved and it evolved into a 'springtime in Paris' theme, we were engaged in Paris, had our lovely vintage French cars as transport, and my favourite flowers, daisies, featured in my bouquet and throughout the Wedding. Combined with the zesty lime green colour, that the bridesmaids wore (mainly inspired through our guest of honour, Kermit, more on him later), so the invitations featured all of these elements. I had decided a long while before, that as our guests would be expecting something 'wow' in the statationery department, that I needed something a little different, so the first decision I made was to send my invitation in a box. Well, it seems simple to send an invitation in a box, but I needed a box that would fit easily through a letterbox (and survive the journey) so that my guests would not have to go and collect parcels etc, who wants that hassle? Box decided, invitation size then dictated by said box, the design process had to begin in earnest. There was a lot of information that we had to send with the invitation, all the accomodation options, the transport plans etc, so I decided it would be really cute to combine all the information in a miniature 'book', and borrowing the sweet illustrations from our cake by super talented designer, Karen of Sucre Coeur, I set to work creating our Paris invitation. As it's a booklet, it's really difficult to photograph, so instead I've put together a little video which I'll be uploading shortly for you to enjoy!

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