Mr.Velvets and his first range for babies

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Mr.Velvets sleepsuit for babies Mr.Velvets sleepsuit for babies Ten and Sixpence

We've been quietly beavering away on an exciting new product launch, which we've kept to ourselves although secretly bursting to tell everyone! Well, you've been kept in the dark for long enough...we are delighted to announce our foray into the world of baby clothing with Mr.Velvet's sleepsuit for babies!

It has taken a while, but they are finally here and are looking very cute (even if Mr.Velvets does say so himself). He proudly features on the sleepsuits, beautifully embroidered on the chest of our very soft cotton sleepsuit. To provide a stark contrast with the black and white dalmatian bunny, we've kept the sleepsuits in white for now. Perhaps you'd rather see...

...them in a wider range of colours? Let us know!

We've designed some simple, elegant gift packaging to coincide with the sleepsuits, so that they can immediately be presented to the lucky new baby. We're thinking of designing some gift cards as well, but for now we're worn out after worrying about all the tiny details such as care labels and postie-safe packing, so it's time for a well-deserved cup of tea and a carrot break.

We hope you like them and welcome any comments!

Claire & Mr.Velvets x

Mr.Velvets first sleepsuit for babies

Mr.Velvets sleepsuit for babies



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